Siege of Honduras - Andre Conteris from inside the Brazilian Embassy

5.5 Mb.128kbps mono 6 minutes

Andres Conteris, journalist for "Democracy Now" is inside the Brazilian Embassy in Honduras with President Zelaya who has taken refuge there until restored to his legitimate role. The Brazilian Embassy is under siege by the Honduran armed forces who have attempted to cut food supplies, water and electricity, jam communications and set up sound boxes designed to emit high pitched, irritating high decibal noise inside the Embassy grounds.

A week later, and the coup regime has declared a suspension of all constitutional rights and put an ultimatum to the Brazilian government. International reaction to this disturbing move has been disappointingly slow, especially from the US. The toll of casualties is mounting, the latest a woman who died from the effects of the teargas assault on the Brazilian Embassy. Radio Globo is no longer transmitting, but has maintained its internet stream. The Honduran coup regime is reacting hysterically and with typical excessive force against the popular outrage that has only grown over the last three months, with hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions, of people out in the streets in protest on a daily basis.

Like other independent journalists and commentators he expresses profound disappointment in the US' lack of reaction to this most recent travesty (among many) of the coup regime, not only against their own people, but against internationally agreed conventions and accepted norms of civilised behaviour.

Original audio source (AndresContrenasEmbassy29_Sep_2009.mp3)


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