Venezuelan election outcomes - Fred Fuentes

Fred Fuentes reports from Caracas on the regional election results this November in Venezuela ('State' Governers, and Mayors). While the 'Chavista' VSUP increased its' total vote, the right wing opposition clawed back two State governorships, and a key Mayoral position in Metropolitan Caracas (Venezuela's capital).

Fred points out that a strong push by the right wing parties and candidates has failed in astrategy to undermine the pro Chavez government and its program, serving mainly to eliminate some of the weaker elements in the governing administration.

It has also served to show up the fascistic tendencies of the opposition, with the opposition Mayors and Governors attempting to dismantle some of the facilities of the grass roots organisations (like a community youth TV channel) within days of winning their seats.

This hints at some future confrontations between the back and forward looking sectors of Venezuelan society.


El Salvador - Extradition and the US connection - Burke Stansbury

Burke Stansbury from CISPES talks about the move to extradite former ARENA president of El Salvador, Cristiani, along with 14 others to be put on trial for their responsibility in Human Rights violations. The best known of these is the massacre of 6 Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter, nineteen years ago. This could have serious implications for ARENA's prospects in next year's elections. While the extradition order is being considered by a Spanish court, protesters in the US are demonstrating outside the US training camp where the Salvadoran Atlacatl battalion, notorious for this and other brutal massacres, were trained. The Atlacatl battalion was also responsible for the massacre of El Mozote, where an entire village was wiped out.


Venezuelan Elections Pt 2 - Fred Fuentes

Fred Fuentes from Caracas - The Australian brigade.


Venezuelan Elections Pt 1 - Fred Fuentes reports

Fred Fuentes reports on developments and possible outcomes of this month's regional and state elections in Venezuela.


El Salvador - Former President to be extradited? - Burke Stansbury

Burke Stansbury from CISPES reports that a number of former high ranking military and a former President of El Salvador and leader of the ARENA party may be extradited to Spain to be tried for crimes and human rights violations during El Salvador's civil war.


Timor Leste Pt 2 - Jose Teixeira

Fretilin threatens to withdraw from Parliament.


Timore Leste Pt.1 - Jose Texeira

Timor remembers the Santa Cruz massacre, while human rights discussion is sidelined.


Timor Leste's contentious issues - Jose Teixeira

Fretilin Parliamentarian Jose Teixeira talks about former Fretilin Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri's recent Australian tour and some of the successful outcomes. He discusses issues being debated in Timor Leste at the moment, some of them quite disturbing - like the approval in principle by the AMP government for a Club Med type development on environmentally protected wetlands, and the huge biofuel project for an Indonesian company.

23 Mb 128kbps. mono 25:10 mins


El Salvador - ARENA in disarray: Burke Stansbury from CISPES

Burke Stansbury of CISPES gives us an update on the pre-election situation in El Salvador. The governing ARENA party is showing signs of strain, with a controversial vice presidential candidate selected in the face of increasingly unfavorable polls. At the same time ARENA is stepping up the 'dirty' propaganda campaign against the FMLN, with a little bit of help from right wing friends outside El Salvador.