Latin American Conference Part 5. - FMLN representative, Dr. Guillermo Mata Bennett. El Salvador, Health, and popular power.

22.3 Mb 128 kbps mono 24 minutes 21seconds.
Spanish with simultaneous translation into English.
Dr. Mata Bennett, FMLN representative in the Salvadoran Assembly talks to the Latin American Solidarity Conference in Sydney via Skype video-conferencing. He talks about the gains made, as well as the problems faced by the FMLN's social programs, particularly in the field of health. He responds to questions from the audience, including the question of how the problem of organised criminal gangs is approached through drug rehabilitation programs.
(Picture: Video conference with San Salvador in Sydney)
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Latin American Conference - Confronting Global Corporatism. Pt. 4 Nelson Davila, Venezuelan Ambassador. Social Missions in Venezuela

28Mb 128kbps mono 31 minutes 5 seconds
Nelson Davila, Ambassador of Venezuela to Australia talks about the role of the 'social missions' in Venezuela, the current political situation in Venezuela, post election, and the ongoing contest with the international media campaign against his country.
(Picture: Venezuelan Ambassador Nelson Davila fields a question)
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