Venezuela Viewpoint #15 - A united party for the revolution

Coro, Venezuela, September 26:Jim McIlroy and Coral Wynter  review the discussion that is being held in Venezuela about forming a new united  party of the revolution and point out the  delights of Venezuela  with  solidarity  tourism in mind.

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Weekly Venezuela New Summary.

Michael Fox -
  • Weekly Venezuela News Summary of Sep. 4-17, 2006 [Produced:Tuesday, Sep. 26, 2006]
  • Weekly Venezuela News Summary of Aug. 31-Sep. 3, 2006[Produced:Tuesday, Sep. 26, 2006]

Weekly Venezuela News Summary of Sep. 4-17, 2006

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Weekly Venezuela News Summary of Aug. 31-Sep. 3, 2006

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The smell of sulphur

By Peter Boyle

:When George Bush addressed the UN General Assembly he spoke like an angry deity admonishing the great majority of people of the world.

But Bush’s arrogant pretensions were punctured by President Hugo Chavez of the revolutionary government of Venezuela the next day.

“The Devil came here yesterday. Yesterday the Devil was here, in this very place. This table from where I speak still smells like sulfur. Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, in this same hall the President of the United States, who I call ‘The Devil’, came here talking as if he owned the world.”The hall broke out into spontaneous laughter and applause. Not from the seats of the US delegation. They had been vacated.<br/><br/>The Devil was not amused and his minion, US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, dismissed Chavez’ speech as" comic-strip approach to international affairs.

However, Chavez speech spoke to people of world much more effectively than Bush’s bully’s lecture.

If you haven’t watched this Chavez speech to the UN you can access it here

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Another blogsite that Dave maintains is called VenSol Here you can listen to regular audio recordings by volunteers Jim McIlroy and Coral Wynter at Green Left Weekly’s Caracas bureau in Venezuela.

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Venezuela Viewpoint #14 - Greetings to Latin America Solidarity Conference

Caracas, September 18:Jim McIlroy and Coral Wynter send greetings to the upcoming  Latin America Solidarity Conference set for September 30th in Sydney.

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  • Latin American Solidarity Conference: The Empire’s weakest link: Venezuela, Cuba and the Rebellion in the Americas. September  30th. Conference agenda
Further reading:

LatinRadical podcast

Warwick Fry has been working at packaging his radio adventures as accessible podcasts and direct download audio. So if you want to access some important reports and commentary on Latin American issues as well as forays into the politics of Timor Leste, check out what LatinRadical has to offer.

Venezuela Viewpoint #13 - Golf courses

Jim McIlroy and Coral Wynter go to the huge rally and march which greeted Hugo Chavez at the completion of his world tour Chavez had utilised it to foster an ant-imperialist alliance. Chavez effectively launched his election campaign at the rally. The "battle of the golf courses' is also reported on as this issue relates to the provision of new housing for the poor in in Caracas
8:10 / Mono /

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Venezuela Viewpoint #12 -- Health advances /Gratitude for Cuba

Caracas, August 26th: Jim McIlroy and Coral Wynter discuss the new cardiac treatment unit in Venezuela and explore Venezuela's relationship with Cuba.

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