Venezuela Viewpoint #1: Mayday,Trade Union Brigade

Finally we launch the new Venezuelan web solidarity project -- a podcast generated in the main from Venezuela.

This is the initial audio. It is a report from Green Left Weekly correspondants in Caracas, Jim McIlroy and Coral Wynter. Jim reports on Venezuela at the time of the recent Mayday celebrations.

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A message from Jim McIlroy & Coral Wynter -- GLW's correspondants in Venezuela

With the world as it is, some people imagine that a publication like Green Left Weekly has only more and more bad news to report. But that’s not true. There is good news to be covered, and one source of such news is the GLW bureau in Caracas, Venezuela.

“We find ourselves busy, busy, busy in our role as the Caracas bureau of GLW, with too many events and experiences to keep up with”, write Coral Wynter and Jim McIlroy, the two volunteers running the bureau at present.

“It is an absolute privilege to be living here in the heartland of the most important revolutionary process occurring in the world at present. Despite the inevitable difficulties and challenges of a Third World country going through a deep revolutionary upheaval, the inspiration of observing changes occurring before your eyes, and seeing a political leader who genuinely supports the needs of his people and is willing to openly and courageously challenge the might of the United States warmongers — in contrast to our major political leaders at home who ignore the wishes of the people and kowtow pitifully to the US — is an absolute revelation.

“We send our greetings to all friends and comrades at home in Australia and hope you will keep closely in touch with events in Venezuela, and throughout Latin America, where the tide of popular revolution is on the rise again. Venezuela may well need your active support if the US decides to take aggressive action against it. Please help Green Left Weekly keep the world informed about the important happenings here, and take heart that radical social change is possible — no matter where in the world you are.”

Green Left Weekly set up the bureau last year with the financial assistance of our supporters. It is a small office shared with, which is in a building used mainly by Telesur, a new Latin American TV channel that aims to rival CNN and the other Spanish-language news channels coming out of Miami and Atlanta.

If you would like to help finance this good news bureau in Caracas, give us a call on 1800 634 206 (toll-free within Australia), write to PO Box 394, Broadway 2007 or donate online at

About VenSol

VenSol is a podcasting project dedicated to exploring the Bolivarain revolution which is unfolding in Venezuela. We will make available frequent and regular news reports from Venezuela in Mp3 audio format.

You will be able to listen to these reports:
VenSol will be aggregating into the one audio channel such sources as media supplied by Green Left Weekly's correspondants in Venezuela as well as weekly news reports now being generated by Venezuela Analysis.

VenSol will also feature occasional reports from the solidarity movement outside of Venezuela and may carry special features and documentaries as they come to hand.

For the moment you can contact VenSol by sending an email to VenSol's producer, Dave Riley. Contributions of audio and suggestions should also be sent to the same address.

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Weekly Venezuela News Summary of May 22, 2006

Venezuelanalysis has launched a weekly audio news summary. This is the 4th episode. VenSol will aggregate & podcast episodes of this program as they come to hand.

Source: Michael Fox - --- May 26, 2006

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Even get back to us if you want to say hello or make suggestions.

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