Canada 0, Guatemala 1 - Ambassador loses the plot.

Steven Schnoor, documentary maker  ( and researcher has won a  $10000 lawsuit for defamation against a former Canadian Ambassador to Guatemala for defamation. Steven filmed the eviction of a Guatemalan indigenous community from their land to make way for a large Canadian mining enterprise. The Canadian Ambassador on several occasions told organisations investigating the incident that the documentary was 'staged' and the woman central to the events was a hired actress.

Canadian mining companies have been involved in a number of incidents in Central America and southern Mexico involving forced evictions and selective assassinations of community leaders trying to block the incursions of Canadian mining companies with a questionable record of environmental practices.

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Radio Zacate - Cerrado por militares. (Military close Radio Zacate in Honduras)

Aron, locutor de Radio Zacate explique la situacion de Radio Zacate, que fue rodeado por 300 effectivos armados del Gobierno Golpista de Honduras. Existe un pequeno movimiento de campesinos resistiendo su desalojamiento de terrenos reclamados con poco legalidad por el terrateniente billionario Miguel Facusse. El Radio Communitario solo dio voz a los campesinos en resistencia. Por eso esta cerrado y segregado como 'sitio de un crimen' por los 300 policias y agentes de seguridad. La communidad esta rebiendo fuerte apoyo por la Comision de Derechos Humanos de Honduras, y el FNRP, y estableciendo un planton alredor el Radio. Aron habla con Radio Communitario 2NimFM en Australia.
Continuing affect of the Honduras coup. 300 Honduran military shut down Community Radio Zacate, segregating it as a 'crime zone' for its support of people refusing to move off land claimed by Miguel Facusse under extremely dubious legal grounds. He is also at the centre of the occupation of similarly disputed land by the peasant union MUCA, in the north of the country, involving 2000 + military and drive-by shootings of leaders in unmarked cars. M.F. is billionaire head of Honduras' Chamber of Commerce, with close connections to the military. In this inverview 'Aron', a presenter for Radio Zacate talks with Community Radio 2NimFM in Australia about the wave of support they are receiving in Honduras from Civil organisations, like the Human Rights Commission and the FNRP.

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