Honduras and Resistance - Grahame Russel from Action Rights

(Note: a problem with the line caused sound to fade in and out quite dramatically during the interview. This was mitigated to some extent during editing, but the end result is a little patchy. If you are thinking of rebroadcasting, please take this into account - WF).

Grahame Russel from Action Rights has just returned to his home in the northern USA after two weeks in Honduras as an observer. Graham is a human rights lawyer and has been following the coup in Honduras closely, ever since he witnessed the events of late June and early July. In this report he describes the massive march in protest against the coup regime on September 15, a day when Honduras traditionally celebrates its independence from Spain.

Graham provides an analysis of the strengths of the Resistance Front, and the implications of the boycott of the elections proposed by the coup regime for November 29.



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