Juan Almendares - Honduras Champion for Human Rights. Interview with Rosanna Wong

8.7 Mb. 15 minutes. English Language
Roxana returns from two months in Honduras where she met with a number of the leading figures of the Honduras Resistance movement. Here she interviews Dr. Juan Almendares, human rights activist and Ecologist. Dr. Almendares is a former Rector of the Autonomous University of Honduras, and Dean of the Faculty of Medical Science. He has been a visiting Professor at the Madison School of Medicine, is on the Executive Committee of Friends of the Earth, International,  and has received a number of international awards for his tireless work in the promotion of human rights. Although he has been frequently threatened (including death threats) for his work in human rights in Honduras he is currently the Director of the CPTR, or the Centre for the Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture and their Families.
In this conversation with Rosanna Wong he talks about the background of the coup in June 2009 in Honduras, the response of the Honduran people, and the incremental increase in human rights abuses in Honduras, under the post-coup regime.
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