CISPES observers at Salvadoran Elections 2014

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Carl and Carolyne are in El Salvador with the 70 person strong CISPES delegation of observers for the 2014 elections in El Salvador. Carl has been with CISPES almost since its inception over twenty years ago. Carolyne is part of a new generation that sees the work of CISPES as a shared pathway between cultures and generations.
The history of El Salvador has been narrated as a history of violence. Nothing in that particular narrative includes the history of US intervention, the history of the US training of the worst perpetrators of violence, the agenda that agencies within the US Government see as the supervening  business interests that require the reorganization of the 'State' to their own requirements.  CISPES has succeeded in changing the course of the JUggernaut.
CISPES, Carl, and Carolyne demonstrate just how false that narrative is. And they tell us now, just how they did it. Can their example follow ?
(CISPES has called what amounts to an apology from the former US Ambassador to El Salvador)
Watch El Salvador, and watch with care

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Mariposa Part 3. Life with Radio Vencemos. (Spanish/Espanol)

The 'voice' of clandestine radio Venceremos, Mariposa, tells us how she was recruited to be the female announcer for the FMLN, and her life in the mountains, moving around with the portable transmitter to avoid discovery by government troops.
Mariposa, 'la voz' del radio clandestino 'Venceremos' explica como fue reclutada.

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Mariposa Part 2 Guerilla Life. (Spanish/Espanol)

Mariposa talks about how she joined the FMLN guerillas and became involved with the clandestine guerilla radio stations in the mountains of El Salvador.
Mariposa habla sobre su vida como guerillera y locatura de los radios clandestinos de la guerilla del FMLN en las montanas de El Salvador.

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