Another Anti-Mining activist murdered - CISPES report from El Salvador

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While the death squad style torture and murder of an anti-mining activist Marcelo Rivera last July is still being assimilated another anti- mining community figure was assassinated shortly before Xmas. Ramiro Rivera (no relative) narrowly escaped death last August when he received 8 bullet wounds. Although he was provided with police protection he was ambushed and killed on December 20. There is speculation that he may have been 'eliminated' as a potential witness in the assassination of last July. Alexis, of CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador) reports on this latest travesty for community radio.

(Note: since posting this podcast another woman associated with Rivera and the anti-mining movement, and a potential witness in an upcoming court case has been assassinated. An update is on the way)

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Ricardo Salgado Pt.3 - inside Honduras after the 'election' of November 29

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Ricardo Salgado in Honduras talks to community radio about the political future of individual actors in the coup regime compared to the future of the Resistance Front - the Resistance Front, thrown up spontaneously in popular outrage against the coup of June 28 is now a mature popular movement that is now claiming political recognition. January will see recognition of the strength of this movement, and a showdown between the coup regime, its' few international supporters, and a unique political movement (possibly a new party) in Honduras and Latin American politics generally.

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Ricardo Salgado Pt.2 - inside Honduras after the 'election' of November 29

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Ricardo Salgado Part 2.

Ricardo talks to community radio about the economic fallout of the illegality of the coup regime, and a number of politically and economically unwise decisions made since the spurious elections of November 29. Micheletti's announcement that he would not repay the credits afforded by ALBA could have repercussions beyond his comprehension - especially now that the ALBA countries recognise the Resistance as a political force in its own right and insist that Resistance representatives be included in any kind of economic negotiation.

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Ricardo Salgado Pt. 1 - inside Honduras after the 'election' of November 29

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Ricardo Salgado keeps community radio informed about the constantly changing situation in Honduras - the popularly boycotted 'elections' in Honduras on November 29 has not, as the mainstream media and politicians claim 'resolved' the crisis. In fact, tensions have increased with more violent and shocking human rights violations than ever before. The resolve of the people to resist the coup regime is hardening.

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Andres Conteris - from inside the Brazilian Embassy, Honduras (post 'election')

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Andre Conteris, journalist for Democracy Now has been inside the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa with the Honduran President 'Mel' Zelaya, since his arrival there in September. The Brazilian Embassy has been under siege by the military forces of Honduras' coup regime to this day. Andres talks to community radio about President Zelaya's future plans, and the situation in Honduras. In spite of the 'elections' of last November 29 the human rights abuses have not only continuted, but increased to shocking levels.

(Skype to phone interview - sound quality is a little patchy).

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FMLN visit to Australia 3. (Spanish Language) - Questions (Preguntas) David Rodriguez, Francisco Ramos y Antonio Hernandez

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Preguntas para la delegacion del FMLN en Australia, Noviembre 2009

Question time for three members of an FMLN delegation touring Australia. David Rodriguez is a former priest, a veteran activist for the FMLN since its early days, and currently a 'diputado' or elected representative for the FMLN in El Salvador's 'Assembly' or Parliament. Francisco Ramos is a Salvadoran who came to Australia as a political refugee in the 1980s and returned after the civil war to work as an agricultural advisor and organiser of rural communities in El Salvador. Antonio Hernandez is a doctor working in community health programs in El Salvador.


FMLN visit to Australia 2. (Spanish Language) - David Rodriguez, Francisco Ramos

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Francisco Ramos y David Rodriguez (Diputado del FMLN) frente una audiencia en Australia sobre las tareas del FMLN como partido politico y como movimiento social. Palabras inspiracional.

Francisco Ramos and David Rodriguez (FMLN member in the Salvadoran Assembly) speaking to an audience at the Australian National University with inspiring words, reminding all of El Salvador's harsh history and the tasks of the FMLN today both as a political party and as a social movement.


FMLN visit to Australia 1. (Spanish Language) -Antonio Hernandez

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Antonio Hernandez, representative of the FMLN visiting Australia. Medical doctor and the Director of the Foundation for Community and Municipal Development, a significant member of the FMLN from its early days as a movement that at times had to resort to armed struggle, he talks about the lessons to be learned to survive as a grass roots organisation.

Talking at the ANU in Canberra at a public lecture attended by the Latin American community.

Antonio Hernandez en Canberra. Representante del FMLN, Medico y Dirigente de la Fundacion de Desarrollo Communitario y Municipal, y militante del FMLN desde los dias de la lucha armada - habla de las lecciones apprendido, de como sobrevivir y mirar hacia el futuro, como un movimiento communitario y de las masas.