Honduras coup and the US - Is there a 'smoking gun' ? (Spanish)

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Ricardo Valenzuela, a minister in the government of deposed President Zelaya of Honduras spoke for two hours on public radio last April in San Pedro de Sula. During the interview he quoted from documents which he said had been mislaid by the coup plotters, which laid out in detail the plans for the coup, and a note to the US Ambassador. During the interview he jokingly said "This will probably get me killed". Two months later he was; shot in bar restaurant by a gunman who is still at liberty.

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Ricardo Valenzuela, ex-ministro del gobierno de Mel Zelaya hablaba en una entrevista de dos horas en Radio San Pedro Sula sobre pruebas documentales de la planificacion del golpe de estado contra ex-Presidente Mel Zelaya. En la entrevista dijo en broma "algo me puede pasar cuando salgo del radio". Dos meses fue assasenido en el bar de un hotel. Su asesino queda libre.

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