El Salvador News April 14 - Lara Pullin On Line

Lara Pullin continuing her update on the steady increment of pressure on El Salvador from the US through the ARENA party, which is pushing the envelope of legality in repressing attempts by grass roots organisations to resist the push for ever more 'privatisation' - even to the point of using anti-terrorist laws against legitimate protest, and persecuting those who claim legal recourse against the perpetrators of new death-squad activities and homicides.

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El Salvador news April 6 - Lara Pullin updates

Lara reports on the latest development on the situation in El Salvador. Tensions are growing as the divide between the major opposition party, the FMLN, and ARENA (which created the Death Squads of the 70s and 80s) present for the Presidential elections next year. And of course, as usual, the USA is playing a hegemonic role - and, as usual on the side most people would not normally like to see in a position of supremacy.

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Bolivia under Siege - Fred Fuentes, Caracas April 23

Fred takes us right down to the nitty-gritty of the tensions building in Bolivia - largely due to not very well disguised US nodding and winking to right wing crypto-fascist organisations working as a catspaw to US corporate interests.
The recent meeting of ALBA - a Latin American entity of nations finally making an attempt to break free of US hegemony - has announced its support for the Bolivian government. The US is making blatant attempts to undermine the fledgeling government. But will it work this time, as it has in the past? Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says no, and his voice is a visionary voice backed with oil resources that puts his vision outside and beyond the limitations and imaginative backwardness of corporate USA - and includes the real struggle against planetary climate change.

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