Honduras - Toni Solo Pt4

3.23Mb 128kbps mono 3:31 mins.

Tortilla con Sal pt.4
Toni Solo (of Tortilla con Sal Nicaraguan web magazine) analyses the 65th day of continual protest in Honduras, by hundreds of thousands of protesters almost daily. They are protesting in a non violent way, against the coup regime who abducted their legally elected President and preventing his return. Police and military repression against the non violent protesters is mounting, but going unreported in the mainstream media. The popular resistance has grown so strong that by now, the reinstatement of President Zelaya is just one aspect of a massive demand for social justice. Honduras will never be the same.

Original audio source (tortillaconsaPt4l_27_Aug_2009_11_57_06_2.mp3)


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