Andres Conteris - from Honduras. Coup regime changes President

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Andres Conteris who has spent the last 4 months with President Mel Zelaya trapped inside the Brazilian Embassy saw the appointment of the coup regime's new de facto President, and 'Mel' Zelaya leave the country on January 27. Zelaya received a 'safe conduct' to fly to the Dominican Republic with a promise that he would 'be back'. Meanwhile the Resistance Front ignored the poorly attended changeover ceremony for the incoming 'President' while a crowd of 250,000 converged on the airport to see Mel Zelaya off in an act of support and solidarity.


Cuba - Julie Webb interviews prize winner

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Juan Flores was awarded the Casa de las Americas 2009 Premio Extraordinario de Estudios Sobre Los Latinos en los Estados Unidos for his latest book BugalĂș y otros guisos: ensayos sobre culturas latinas en Estados Unidos . 

Short review: The Diaspora Strikes Back - The eminent ethnic and cultural studies scholar Juan Flores examines what happens to the home country when it is being constantly fed by emigrants returning from abroad. He looks at how 'Nuyoricans' (Puerto Rican New Yorkers) have transformed their home country, introducing hip hop and modern New York culture to the Caribbean island.

Bio:Juan Flores (Ph.D., German Studies, Yale University) is Professor of Latino Studies in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis at New York University. Dr. Flores’ teaching, research, and publications center on Puerto Rican Studies, social and cultural theory, popular music, theory of Diaspora and transnational communities, and Afro-Latino culture. His many publications include Divided Borders: Essays on Puerto Rican Identity (1993), Cortijo’s Wake (2004), and From Bomba to Hip-Hop: Puerto Rican Culture and Latino Identity (2000). His current projects include: Companion to Latino Studies (co-edited with Renato Rosaldo). He was recently awarded the Casa de las Americas Extraordinary Prize for studies on Latinos in the United States for his book Bugalu y otros guisos: ensayos sobre culturas latinas en Estados Unidos .


Timor - Hera Power Plant: Charles Scheiner

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Charles Scheiner, working in Timor Leste for the last ten years was present at the ceremony to begin the construction of the controversial Hera electricity generating plant. Now years behind completion it is supposed to provide Timor with a comprehensive, reliable electricity supply. But at what price? And is it what Timor really needs right now?

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Honduras - Presidential changeover; Karen Spring

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Karen Spring of Rights Action talks about the lead up to the changeover of the Presidency in Honduras. There is much speculation about the fate of the legally elected President whose term ends on January 27 and the position of the Resistance Front. Karen also reviews some aspects of the human rights situation in Honduras under the coup regime and the changeover of the Presidency. Karen has investigated the destruction of Gariifuna indigenous community radio station 'Coco Radio' and the people who are believed to be behind it.


Honduras Garifuno Radio trashed! - Ricardo Salgado

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Ricardo Salgado, community worker and researcher reports on the destruction of the community radio of the indigenous Garifuno people on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. Supporters of the coup want to turn indigenous community land to developers for tourism. Meanwhile, the rest of the country speculates on the fate of the legitimately elected President Zelaya (trapped inside the Brazilian Embassy for the last five months) when the de facto government assigns the presidency to Pepe Lobos, who won an election in November that was boycotted by the majority of the people and a legitimacy recognised by only a very few.

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Timor Leste - Wesley Smith on sustainability

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Robert ('Wes') Wesley Smith has been an activist for East Timorese independence since 1975. Recently (January 2010) he made one of his many visits and spent several weeks touring the countryside and promoting sustainable energy and agricultural practices. He is critical of some of the development policies of the current government.

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Timor Leste - Shona Hawkes on sustainability

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Shona Hawkes has been working in Timor Leste for several years now with the La'o Hamutuk NGO. She talks about how the large scale projects budgeted with oil revenues is distorting the financing for the real needs of the country if it is to achieve sustainability in the future.

(Poto: President of Timor Leste, Jose Ramos Horta at the opening of the controversial Hera Power Plant)

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Honduras - andre Conteris, Democracy Now with the legal President. Inside the Brazilian Embassy, Honduras

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Andres Conteris, journalist with Democracy Now has been holed up in the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa with the legally elected President 'Mel' Zelaya since September 21. There is still a massive military presence outside the Embassy to prevent him from leaving. Andres gives us an update on the situation inside the Embassy after many difficult months, and the farcical, illegitimate elections held on November 29. Exclusive to Australian Community Radio - Community radio 2NimFm.

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Remembering Balibo - Jim Dunn recalls the Indonesian Invasion of East Timor

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Jim Dunn, former Consul in East Timor, human rights activist, researcher, and one of the last people to leave Dili before the Indonesian invasion in December 1975, recalls the characters and the incidents depicted in the film "Balibo" that he had met, and events experienced in real life.

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Salvadoran government reaction to mining murder.

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Lara Pullin of the Canberra Committee of the FMLN translated the statement of El Salvador's largest political party regarding the third death in a matter of weeks of individuals associated with the anti-mining movement. Lara talks about the responses available to the Salvadoran President, the government, FMLN as a party and above all the people of El Salvador to these vicious killings that are associated with the interests of a Canadian mining company, and the Central American Free Trade Agreement.

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Another Xmas murder. El Salvador and the drive to mine the gold.

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A third anti-mining activist has been assassinated. Just before Xmas an anti-mining activist was murdered. He was an important witness in the murder of another anti-mining activist last August. This week, the day after Xmas an eight months pregnant woman, also part of the anti-mining movement and a potential witness to the earlier murder was killed by gunmen. The Canadian mining company which was seeking mining rights and sueing the Salvadoran government for loss of profits is not commenting and has changed the email address and refusing to answer the phone in its Public Relations department. Alexis Stamboulis of CISPES talks to community radio about this latest outrage and the response of the Salvadoran people and their government.

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