Cuban Booklaunch in Mexico (Spanish) - Traduccion de Marti en Nahuatl

15Mb. 128 kbps mono 16 minutes 20 seconds. (Spanish/ en Espanol)
Julie Webb was in Mexico to attend the booklaunch of a translation of the writings of Cuban leader of the revolutionary war of independence from Spain, Jose Marti, into the indigenous language, Nahautl, by an indigenous schoolteacher from Chiapas in southern Mexico. Nico Tototl is introduced by the Cuban Ambassador to Mexico, Manuel Aguillera de la Paz. A bonus to this event was a short statement by Antonio del Conde, the man who sold the boat The Granma to Fidel Castro whom he still remembers and admires.

Julie Webb asistio en Mexico DF a la presentacion de un nuevo libro - una traduccion en la idioma indigena Nahautl de las obras de Jose Marti por el maestro indigena Nico Tototl. Presente con el, el Embajador Cubano Manuel Aguilera de la Paz y Antonio del Conde, el hombre quien vendio el barco Granma a Fidel Castro.


Honduras update -Karen Spring

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Karen Spring brings us an update on the Garifuna community in Honduras whose community radio station was burned down, and the situation in Honduras at the beginning of February, after the Presidential changeover.