Guatemalan Elections - The Death Squad Candidate? Jennifer Harbury speaks out. (English Language)

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Former Guatemalan General Otto Perez Molina was in Washington last May seeking approval and support for his Presidential aspirations. He is expected to win the Guatemalan elections scheduled for September this year. Perez Molina is a graduate of the US “School of the Americas” Military Academy.
He was also the head of the notorious Guatemalan D2 Intelligence Unit that was responsible for the disappearances and torture of thousands during the 1980s and 1990s ‘counterinsurgency campaigns’ in Guatemala, during which over 200,000 mainly indigenous people were massacred.
US citizen Human Rights lawyer Jennifer Harbury whose Guatemalan husband was one of the victims of the D2 intelligence unit, is a co-signatory of a document filed with the UN rapporteur Torture calling for Perez Molina to be put on trial for war crimes.
Jennifer has spent the last twenty years accumulating evidence that Perez Molina and others were not only complicit in abduction, torture, and genocide, but that the CIA had illegally withheld documents which demonstrated its complicity in these acts.
Jennifer is seeking an end to the impunity of those responsible for gross human rights violations through the Guatemalan legal system and the United Nations. But before discussing the “document of allegation” presently before the UN rapporteur, I asked her if she had had recourse through the US legal system.
Jennifer has published a book about her experience recently, "Truth, Torture and the American Way" and interviews, documentation and links to supporting material on YouTube can be found on
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