Venezuela standing firm - Fred Fuentes from Caracas

Fred Fuentes from Caracas in Venezuela gives us an update on the tense relations between Venezuela and Colombia, after a US decision to build another five major military bases in Colombia.

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Timor Leste - government coalition shaky; Jose Texeira

Jose Texeira, Fretilin parliamentarian talks to community radio about the increasing defensiveness of the ruling AMP coalition on economic mismanagement and corruption. Fretilin, who were the core of the resistance in the struggle of liberation from Indonesian occupation is looking good, after a major reconfiguration of the party.

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Honduras Repression becomes critical - Sandra Cluff reports

Sandra Cluff, one of the few independent journalists in Honduras talks about the latest wave of repression. Reportage from people on the spot.

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Honduras Coup - update from "Tortilla con Sal" - on the spot


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Toni Sola, of "Tortilla con Sal" gives us an update on the situation in Honduras. The people are maintaining an unremitting resistance to the coup, and there is an emerging understanding thtat the resistance is less about the personality of 'Mel Zelaya' (the deposed and exiled President), than the will of the people of Honduras, who are just sick and tired of the selfish, egocentric oligarchic elite who resented someone who was willing to raise the minimum wage above subsistence levels and divert a bit of tax money to education and health programs. Meanwhile the US State Department ducks and weaves when they could stop the neo-fascists in their tracks. But that's RealPolitik, no?

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Honduras - Karen Spring; the popular resistance and military repression

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Karen Spring, Canadian observer working with "Rights Action" in Honduras was on the spot, on Thursday July 30 when the military forces of the coup regime suddenly escalated the violence and repression against the tens of thousands of protestors out on the streets daily, demanding the return of their elected president, who was ousted and flown out of the country on June 28 this year.

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