Honduras - Ricardo Salgado speaking from Honduras

Ricardo Salgado is a Honduran, and independent researcher heavily involved in social work in Honduras. He gives us an inside view of the situation there, including the massive marches, occurring almost daily for two months now, and how the movement has grown to the extent that the aspirations of the people go far beyond the return of their elected President, who has been exiled by the coup regime.

The popular Resistance Front is threatening to boycott elections due to be held at the end of November, if their President is not reinstated. The situation becomes more and more tense as the election day draws near. The people now are determined, and prepared for the 'long haul' to see their demands for social justice recognised, and end of the grip on the country held by generations of the 'ten families'.

Original audio source (RicardoSalgado30_Aug_2009.mp3)


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