Latin American solidarity Conference October 16 Part 3.

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(Spanish with English translation)
Santiago Reyes is the Australian representative of the FNRP, or Honduras' National Front for Popular Resistance. In his presentation he talks about the background of last year's coup against popular President Mel Zelaya, and the real reasons for the unprecedent rise of the Resistance Front and its unsurpassed militancy while yet maintaining a consistent policy of non violent resistance in the face of cynical and brutal repression. He speaks of the pattern of open US interventions, the rise of human rights violations under the administration of the coup regime and the efforts of the US to have Honduras readmitted to the Organisation of American States in spite of continuing non-recognition of the regime from most of the international community. The future course of the FNRP hinged on three major points. One, the return of Mel Zelaya, two, no negotiation with the Porfirio Lobo regime, and the creation of a Constituent Assembly for constitutional reform on its own terms, not dictated by the discredited and widely unrecognised administration of Porfirio Lobo. Did the coup arouse a sleeping giant in Latin America?
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Latin American solidarity Conference Part 2. October 16

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Reinaldo Perera, Cuban Consul on the US blockade against his country and other challenges. He responds to questions about the role of Barack Obama.
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Latin American Solidarity Conference Part 1. October 16 (Bilingual)

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(Spanish with English translation)

Alina Sullcani from Bolivia was guest speaker at the Latin American Solidarity Conference held in Sydney October 16; "Challenging Global Corporatism". Alina is the leader of the National Federation of Indigenous Bolivian Campesino Women "Bartolina Sisa" and a member of the 'Movement for Socialism'. She spoke of what it meant to have an indigenous President of Bolivia for the first time in history, the political struggle to gain that indigenous representation, and the nature of future struggles to protect and defend the benefits of popular power.
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