Bolivian Journey - Wilson Hoyle with impressions of Bolivia

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Although he is barely 15 Wilson plays traditional Bolivian and Andean music like a master. Recently he was passing through Nimbin and dropped into the studios of Community Radio 2NimFM and gave us a demonstration of the musical life of the Andes, and with his mother shares some great anecdotes of his time there.
His web page, with music and art work can be found here:
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Bono's anti-Venezuelan War Game. (Flashback to 2007, and Bono's Australian tour)

Revised improved edition
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What happens when Bono meets old Australian rocker Normie Rowe? Normie is impressed by Bono's canny investment in a computer war-game and wants a piece of the action, along with a few Indonesian Generals. An acoustic version of the 'Bono Song' by American country blues singer, Daddy Cool follows. 5 minutes,
Bono's company, Elevation Partners, has contributed 300 million dollars to develop this game which is a simulated invasion of Venezuela with a high level of ultra-violence. Pandemic is also funded by the Pentagon to develop computer simulated training exercises for the US military.

If you agree with the sentiments expressed in this podcast, you can express your concerns to the Press office of Pandemic and Elevation Partners at :
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El Periodismo en Honduras Pt 1 - Dick Emanuelsson (Spanish - "Reporting from Honduras")

El destacado periodista Dick Emanuelsson habla con radio communitario como sobrevivir como periodista en Honduras bajo el regimen golpista.Renown journalist tells community radio how he survives as a journalist in Honduras, under the control of the coup regime.

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El Periodismo en Honduras Pt 2. - Dick Emanuelsson (Spanish - Reporting from Honduras)

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Dick Emanuelsson reporting from Honduras. Dick describes how the right attempts to subvert journalism to 'intelligence' activities, either through subornation, or intimidation. Independent journalism is seen as a threat to the right. He describes his experience in Colombia in 2005 when he was persuaded to leave after constant threats from the Colombian intelligence agencies, and recent pressures on him in Honduras after a visiting Colombian delegation to the post coup 'government' of Honduras.

Periodista Dick Emanuelsson explica como las fuerzas de seguridad de Colombia le 'presiono' a salir del pais en 2005. Ahora esta resistiendo presiones del gobierno golpista de Honduras despues una visita a Honduras de una delegacion Colombiano de las fuerzas de 'seguridad'.

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