Timor Leste - Janelle Saffin, human rights

Janelle Saffin, Federal member for Page spent over three years working in Timor Leste, before taking on her political career. She was present during the mayhem of the 1999 referendum, and worked at times as an adviser to the President Jose Ramos Horta, during the period when he was the Foreign Minister for the East Timorese government. She talks to community radio 2NimFM about the controversial Truth and Friendship Commission, which was supposed to expose human rights abuses by the Indonesian militia. She clears up some of the confusion about the Commission, which has been criticised in the past for being ineffective and powerless to prosecute offenders. Particularly relevant at this time, with recent (and not so recent) press revelations about Australian intelligence services selectively gathering, and also holding back, information under political pressures, on the grounds of maintaining diplomatic relations. Diplomatic relations seem to still be supervening human rights issues, despite the lessons of history.
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