Australians to go to El Salvador - Linda Seaborn, and the Australian Delegations

Linda Seaborn of the Tasmanian Committee in Support of the FMLN (El Salvador's main opposition party) talks about why a delegation of Australians should go to El Salvador as observers, before and during next year's elections. The current government has a long record of turning a blind eye to, if not actively promoting, human rights violations, and this year the political opposition is particularly targeted. Already the ARENA government of El Salvador has been challenged for its corrupt political practices in previous elections, and is demonstrating a distinct reluctance to subject itself to scrutiny for the coming elections, discouraging international observers. But some Australians are determined to see honesty and fair practice prevail.

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Aristides said...

Congratulations Linda and Warwick.

It's very good reporting on the need for delegations of observers to the elections of El Salvador. As a lot of people already know, the people of El Salvador and the FMLN have been longstanding protagonists of the current process for social justice and real democracy.

The FMLN is approaching to take the Executive government of El Salvador , however; the forces of the oligarchy are conspiring to rob the elections. Australians and the international community should be witnesses of this important struggle, becoming observers to the electoral processes.

Kind regards


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