Film on Timor Leste-Cuba medical cooperation program

The Doctors of Tomorrow with Tim Anderson

"A documentary on the Timor Leste-Cuba health cooperation"
See interviews with some of the 850 East Timorese students studying medicine with the Cubans, in the biggest medical college on earth. From 2010 onwards these young people will begin to take control of their country’s health system.

38 minutes
Filmed in Timor Leste and Cuba
Produced by Tim Anderson, 2008

Sydney: Thursday 12 June 2008, 3pm (to 5pm)
NSW Parliament, Macquarie St, Sydney
Hosted by: John Kaye, MLC (Greens)

Wollongong: Thursday, June 26 at 7:00pm
Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Wollongong
Hosted by Tim Anderson & Friends of Green Left Weekly

For Melbourne launch details ph: 0407 023 672


elliot said...

A Luta Continua, hello from Medical Aid for East Timor, a small group in the USA. Most interested in a long awaited recognition of the vital contribution by Cuba in the health care of East Timor. Medical Aid has been involved in a small way, we are a small group, in facilitating support for Bairo Pite Clinic in Dili for eight years now and several years during the occupation. The need is great and you have added significantly to the knowledge of this most important need of the island. Is there anyway to receive a copy of the video for showing in the States etc. Elliot MAET facilitator.

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