Caracas on the Line - Fred Fuentes; Chavez on the FARC, hostage release, and PSUV elections

6.3 Mb. 64kbps mono 13mins 41 secs.

Fred Fuentes, latest report from Caracas. Fred gives us the insider's view of the most recent Chavez call on the Colombian FARC guerrillas to consider putting the armed struggle aside and release their hostages unconditionally (he made a similar statement in January that went unnoticed). This has been exploited by the opposition within Venezuela as a sign of a 'weakening' of Chavez' authority, but the recent PSUV (Venezuelan Socialist Party) preselection results bode well for the developing grass roots foundational support for Chavez in the upcoming November elections.



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Great story! In the headline, I think you mean PSUV.

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