East Timor. James Dunn reviews the situation

5.2Mb. mono 64kbps 11:13 mins.

Jim Dunn, about to travel to Timor Leste as a consultant to the President of Timor Leste, Jose Ramos Horta, clears up some of the confusion there bout recent events.


Wrick said...

This is a good, fairly neutral assessment, but it is disappointing that no commentator seems to be willing to express a critical opinion of Xanana Gusmao's role in all this. Reading between the lines, it seems obvious that if Xanana had stepped back, in the interest of national unity, Fretilin would have been agreeable to a 'neutral' PM. If Alkatiri could step down in 2006, why shouldn't Gusmao in 2007?

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