East Timor's election crisis

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NimFM talks with Fretilin representative Paolo Malik about the constitutional standoff in East Timor's post election environment. Fretilin has received the largest vote of any party, but all the other parties have combined to ensure that is does not have a parliamentary majority. East Timor's constitution (like that of European countries, like Portugal) allows that the party with the highest number of votes can chose the Prime Minister with the endorsement of the President, but the anti-Fretilin Alliance claims that they should chose the next PM. Meanwhile President Jose Ramos Horta refuses to commit, although it is well known that he favours the Alliance candidate.
NimFM then gets the views of expert East Timor observer Jim Dunn, who knows the actors in this drama.
[Note:Since these interviews, the Alliance has threatened to block the budget, if PM Ramos Horta approves the appointment of the Fretilin Prime Ministerial candidate.]

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