Latin Radical - East Timor 's Constitutional Crisis

Latin Radical - East Timor 's Constitutional Crisis
5.65 Mb. mono 64kbps 12:20 mins.

Interview with two Australian academics who have very different views on Timor Leste's constitutional crisis. Professor Damien Kingsbury has been very critical of the role of the Fretilin party and its General Secretary Mari Alkatiri. But Bob Boughton of the University of New England spent six months there observing the Presidential elections, and he has a different view. Meanwhile, interviews with Jim Dunn (who has just been asked to return as an advisor to President Jose Ramos Horta) and East Timorese leaders, are pending. Watch this space. Did Jose Ramos Horta make a wise decision in appointing Xanana Gusmao the Prime Minister? Australian mainstream media has its knickers in a knot over this one, but it is no joke for the Timorese people.



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