Julie Webb on the new Mexican Revolution

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Julie Webb has just returned after 9 months in Mexico where she worked as a correspondent for Narco-News, and a human rights observer on remote Zapatista communities. In that time she saw sub-commandante Marcos in action, met other Zapatista leaders, and was active in fending off violent attempts by landowners to force Zapatista communities off their land and out of their homes. This was done using Zapatista tactics of non-violence. She observed the Zapatista movement supporting the 'other government' - an alternative movement aiming for a government in Mexico based on grass roots democracy and indigenous traditions - which is establishing itself all over Mexico. In the state of Oaxaca the 'Other Government' now ignores the State governor and runs much of the state from grass-roots community organisations. Julie is now in New Zealand and planning to return to Mexico soon.

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