El Salvador Pt.1 - FMLN challenges impunity law; Lara Pullin

Lara Pullin, Latin American solidarity activist has breaking news from El Salvador. The FMLN opposition party is confident enough of its popular support, and its chances of winning next years election, that they have tabled legislation repealing the 'amnesty law', granting impunity to those accused of gross human rights violations and war crimes, during the 12 year civil war. The law was passed in 1993 as part of the 1992 'Accord' that marked the end of the civil war.
Repeal of the amnesty law will will impinge heavily on the ARENA party (that leads the current governing coalition) and the military. The founder of the ARENA party, Roberto D'Aubuisson was widely believed to have ordered the assassination of Archbishop Romero and other Death Squad murders, while certain army units were responsible for the elimination of entire villages, including children and infants.
As the elections next year draw nearer tensions are mounting, with FMLN leaders calling on their supporters not to react to increasing incidents of anti-FMLN violence.
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