The 'Cuban 5' - Pt1 - Julie Webb on a ten year travesty of Justice

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Part 1.
Julie Webb correspondent for 'Scoop' from Latin America gives us the background history of five Cubans who have spent ten years in a US prison for the simple act of passing on information about expatriate Cuban terrorist cells in Florida and Miami. These remnants of the Batista regime of the 1960s, who fled to the US when Castro's revolutionary forces came to power have not been able to accept the historical reality of the Cuban revolution, and continue to plot and plan a comeback. They have been responsible for numerous deaths and plots not only in Cuba, but in the US. The FBI responded to this information by imprisoning the people who (perhaps naively) passed the compromising information about these terrorist cells on. Ten years later they are still in gaol. Julie Webb reports.
5.4 Mb 128kbps. mono 5:46mins



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