Bolivia in confrontation - Lara Pullin on attempted September coup

On the anniversary, almost to the day of the coup against Salvador Allende in Chile on September 11 1973, right wing forces in Bolivia attempted to seize control of the country in a Civil coup against the elected government of Evo Morales in a manner eerily reminiscent of fascist coups throughout modern history since the rise of Hitler. At the time of this interview 18 people had been killed by the right wing gangs, hundreds of indigenous people badly beaten by the racist youth group, and the US Ambassador expelled for his complicity in organising the thuggery.

The Venezuelan government expelled the US Ambassador in sympathy, and for his part in coordinating opposition figures in an attempt to take over the government of Venezuela, and other Latin American nations have declared their support for the governments of Bolivia and Venezuela. Latin America is in the process of declaring its autonomy from the 200 year hegemony of the United States in controlling its affairs.

Lara Pullin gives us the details of the events of this historic week in world history.



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