Pt 3 Early history of Timor's independence movement - Australian solidarity. Briefing of CAVR researchers.

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A small group of Australians with a long history of support for the East Timorese struggle for independence meet with the research team of the CAVR (Commission for Reception, Truth, and Reconciliation). The team is producing a book about the East Timorese struggle for independence, and the years fo the resistance struggle, but from a bottom up perspective. Rather than focus on the well known identities, leaders and personalities that have characterised many of the histories of the struggle fo the Timorese, they are focussing on the testimonies of the mass of people who supported the struggle and were often the main victims of Indonesian reprisals and repression. It will focus particularly on women, and also the solidarity movement. Four Australians recall the early years of Australian solidarity at a time when the struggle of the Timorese people was not well known or understood.
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