Alkatiri assigns responsibility for Timorese post election violent acts.

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A press conference held by General Secretary of Fretilin, Mari Alkatiri on Monday 16 after some violent incidents following the broadcast of the CNRT General Assembly on Sunday. The CNRT had decided to exclude Fretilin from government. Fretilin was prepared for the decision, but not the provocative and offensive language in which it was couched. Many Fretilin supporters felt insulted, and reacted angrily.
The press conference was mainly in Tetum, but a short translation in English is posted below.

*Fretilin secretary general calls for CNRT’s responsibility 
*Timornewsline, July 16, 2012 

Fretilin Secretary-General Mari Alkatiri has called for Xanana Gusmao CNRT party to be responsible for violence broke out on Friday (15/7).

According to him, CNRT party’s conference had caused the weekend’s violence due to some participants of the conference openly criticized Fretilin as the country’s historic party.

“We are feeling very sad because some of the participants in the conference lack responsibility by damaging our party’s image. We do not accept it,” he said.

Mr. Alkatiri said his party had not questioned the decision which was made in the conference, but they were concerned about some of the participants who damaged the party [Fretilin] dignity.

“We do respect the result of the elections because the winning party has the right to appoint any party to form the new government as there was no party won the majority of the votes,” he said.

He also called on CNRT party to publicly apologize to the Fretilin and its followers over the open criticism made in the conference.

*President TMR calls for peace and stability 
*Radio e Televizaun de Timor-Leste, July 17, 2012 language source: Tetun

President of the Republic, Taur Matan Ruak has called for all the Timorese people to keep peace and stability during the process of establishing the new government.

The president made the comments during a meeting with the four political parties, such as CNRT, Fretilin, PD and Frenti Mudanca which had got seats in the parliament.

“Before the parliamentary election, the president and the international communities have called on the Timorese people to accept the result of the elections. But unfortunately, yesterday’s violence was not committed by the parties which lose in the elections, but those which won the elections.”

“I am concerned about such a situation; therefore I am now meeting with CNRT party’s president, Fretilin president and its secretary general. PD party’s secretary general and Frenti Mudansa’s secretary general to remind your followers,” he said.

President TMR called these political parties’ leaders to have a contact with their followers to maintain the peace and stability of the country.
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