Honduras Protest in the USA: Karla Lara, singing revolution

Honduran native Karla Lara broke into the music scene in 1986 as a singer in the popular group "Rascaniguas" and later with the famous Salvadoran group "Cutumay Camones" that accompanied the political struggle during that country’s brutal civil war. She returned to Honduras to join bands intending to harness music as a form of rebellion, where she was a founding member of "Doble-Via" and "Trovason".
To speak of Karla Lara is to tell the story of many women, or maybe that is only the intention: that many women can see their reflection in her songs, in the harshness of their reality in contrast with the hope and joy that a woman can fight for her rights.
Karla is part of an extensive and diverse movement of young Honduran musicians that believes in the need to create Honduran music with its own history, own rhythm, and pride of being part of a new generation that builds dignity in the country.
In December 2004, she presented her first album, Donde andar, which brings together many of the issues that she has supported and sung about for years. From that date, her music has brought her to various other venues, from unknown villages in Honduras to Copenhagen, Denmark.
In December 2008 she recorded her second album, Antes del Puente, "an album that will help to build identity, to allow ourselves to feel, through stories, clich├ęs and characters of our country, a sense of belonging, which we believe makes the difference in how you design your participation in the construction of a different kind of citizenship."
She is currently part of the first Central American feminist band, CantArte Vida, that has given concerts in Guatemala and Honduras.

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