3,500 Peasants threatened with Massacre (Spanish) - Johnny Rivas of MUCA

(Spanish Language) (note: sound quality is poor)
Johnny Rivas, spokesperson for the MUCA (peasant union) is meeting with the 'de facto' President of Honduras 'Pepe Lobo' to ask him why the campesino cooperatives of Bajo Aguan are being surrounded by some 3,000 military personnel and police. Peasants are reclaiming land that was illegally acquired during the late 1990s with leases that expired in 2005. Three of the richest men in Honduras are trying to claw back the land to be turned over to Palm oil production, using threats, intimidation and paramilitary assassins. Already 5 peasant leaders have been murdered. Nevertheless, Johnny says morale in the campesino community is high.
Johnny Rivas, representante de la MUCA va reunirse con el 'Presidente' Pepe Lobo para preguntarle porque las communidades campesinas de Bajo Aguan estan rodeadas por mas de 2000 effectivos del gobierno. Los campesinos estan reclamando terreno agarrado illegalemente por unos tres 'bisneros' mas ricos de Honduras. Ya han assesinado 5 dirigentes campesinos para intimidar las communidades. Sin embargo, Johnny dice que el espiritu de los campesinos es alto.



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