FMLN visit to Australia 3. (Spanish Language) - Questions (Preguntas) David Rodriguez, Francisco Ramos y Antonio Hernandez

19.7 Mb. 128 kbps (stereo) 21:34 minutes. (Spanish language/Espanol)

Preguntas para la delegacion del FMLN en Australia, Noviembre 2009

Question time for three members of an FMLN delegation touring Australia. David Rodriguez is a former priest, a veteran activist for the FMLN since its early days, and currently a 'diputado' or elected representative for the FMLN in El Salvador's 'Assembly' or Parliament. Francisco Ramos is a Salvadoran who came to Australia as a political refugee in the 1980s and returned after the civil war to work as an agricultural advisor and organiser of rural communities in El Salvador. Antonio Hernandez is a doctor working in community health programs in El Salvador.



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