FMLN visit to Australia 1. (Spanish Language) -Antonio Hernandez

22.6Mb. 128kbps 24:22 mins

Antonio Hernandez, representative of the FMLN visiting Australia. Medical doctor and the Director of the Foundation for Community and Municipal Development, a significant member of the FMLN from its early days as a movement that at times had to resort to armed struggle, he talks about the lessons to be learned to survive as a grass roots organisation.

Talking at the ANU in Canberra at a public lecture attended by the Latin American community.

Antonio Hernandez en Canberra. Representante del FMLN, Medico y Dirigente de la Fundacion de Desarrollo Communitario y Municipal, y militante del FMLN desde los dias de la lucha armada - habla de las lecciones apprendido, de como sobrevivir y mirar hacia el futuro, como un movimiento communitario y de las masas.



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