Honduras - Election boycott on. Coup Regime reneges on agreement.

13.5 128kbps. mono 14mins. 35 secs.

Ricardo Salgado, Honduran analyst of the 'crisis' in Honduras explains the latest developments. In spite of US pressure on the coup regime to recognise the legitimacy of Zelaya as President ten days ago, the President is still trapped inside the Brazilian Embassy. The 'agreement' (designed more to save face for the US and the coup regime rather than the restoration of a democratic 'solution') has failed. The coup regime has failed to meet the one week deadline to restore Zelaya to his post as President in a reasonable amount of time to allow a 'clean' election process.

The Resistance Front (according to polls supported by over 70% of the population) has announced that they will not recognised the November 29 elections, and the single opposition candidate, Carlos Reyes, has withdrawn his candidature. If the coup regime goes ahead with the elections it could destabilise the entire region. There is a call for the international community not to recognise the legitimacy of the elections. With the US playing a reluctant role (although one of the key players) in promoting a just resolution to the crisis, the Obama administration may be deferring a small problem until it becomes a big problem.


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