Encuentro Meso-Americano 2 - (Meso-American Forum, held in Nicaragua reported by Julie Webb)

(Spanish Language). A series of recordings of the proceedings, and interviews with participants of a Meso-American Forum, some sessions of which were held in Nicaragua. Reported and recorded by Julie Webb of Scoop
magazine who is currently in Honduras covering the farcical elections, and who will be reporting to community radio.

(Grabaciones de los sucesos y participantes en el Foro MesoAmericano en los reuniones en Nicaragua. Reportajes por Julie Webb de la revista Scoop. Julie esta, en este momento en Honduras, haciendo reportajes y entrevistas sobre las elecciones falsas, de noviembre 29, promovidos por el regimen golpista).

Part 2 Foro MesoAmericano
Declaracion Frontera
(Frontier Declaration)
2Mb. 96kbps stereo 3minutes



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