Honduras update - Andres Conteris and Mel Zelaya from inside the Brazilian Embassy

7Mb 128kbps mono 7 minutes 23 seconds

Andres Conteris and others say that there may be a 'light at the end of the tunnel'. Elements within the military and business community that originally backed the coup are putting pressure on the Micheletti de-facto government to be less intransigent and negotiate.

The President and his supporters in the besieged Brazilian Embassy had high morale and were in good spirits, having just celebrated the birthday of the President's grandchild. He sent a gruff 'Saludos' to community radio in Australia.

But for the people of Honduras the issue now goes far further than reinstating Zelaya. They are demanding the Constitutional reform and determined to defy the suspension of Constitutional guarantees that has unleashed a wave of repression.

Original audio source (CorterisZelaya04_Oct_2009Con.mp3)


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