Honduras tensions grow - Toni Solo

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(Photo courtesy of Radio Gualcho)

Toni Solo returns to Nicaragua after a week in Honduras where he has picked up disturbing stories that someone is returning fire on the police. By most accounts the 'gangs' or 'maras' (closely involved with the narcotics trade in Central American countries) guarding their 'turf' - but in this case the police were pursuing and firing on a street demonstration that took refuge in a poor neighbourhood, or 'barrio'. But there was also another armed group defending the demonstrators who were clearly not gang members - this just a week after a report that a police station had been overrun and weapons taken.

While the demonstrations are well disciplined and strictly non violent, if the coup regime does not respond positively to the deadline offered this October 15 - after 115 days of non violent protest, some elements might be forgiven for thinking of armed struggle as an option.



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