Massive repression of Honduras Teachers - English translation/commentary

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English commentary to soundtrack of actuality,
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(Extract from live to air radio show "Latin Radical" broadcast from 2pm to 4pm every Saturday from Community Radio 2NimFM 102.3  Webcast from
Dick Emanuelsson is on the spot to report the heavy repression of teachers in Tegucigalpa, March 18. A three month old baby is nearly poisoned by the tear gas fumes as hundreds of canisters (costing over $100 each) are fired on the peaceful protesters. Later in the day a schoolteacher was killed when a tear gas canister was fired directly at her head, and she was run over by a military vehicle. The teachers are on strike to reclaim a years worth of back wages that haven't been paid, to protest the looting of their pension fund shortly after the coup of 2009, the raising of the pension age to 70 years, and legislation that will lead to the privatisation of the education system and the end of public education in Honduras.
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