El Periodismo en Honduras Pt 2. - Dick Emanuelsson (Spanish - Reporting from Honduras)

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Dick Emanuelsson reporting from Honduras. Dick describes how the right attempts to subvert journalism to 'intelligence' activities, either through subornation, or intimidation. Independent journalism is seen as a threat to the right. He describes his experience in Colombia in 2005 when he was persuaded to leave after constant threats from the Colombian intelligence agencies, and recent pressures on him in Honduras after a visiting Colombian delegation to the post coup 'government' of Honduras.

Periodista Dick Emanuelsson explica como las fuerzas de seguridad de Colombia le 'presiono' a salir del pais en 2005. Ahora esta resistiendo presiones del gobierno golpista de Honduras despues una visita a Honduras de una delegacion Colombiano de las fuerzas de 'seguridad'.

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