Represion Crece: Honduras Repression grows - Santiago Reyes (Spanish)

Santiago Reyes en Australia habla del FNRP y sobre la continuacion de las violaciones de derechos humanos y violencia por parte del 'gobierno' de facto de Honduras en la semana de creciente violencia en contra de los huelgistas de Maestros en Honduras.
Santiago Reyes  speaks for the FNRP in Australia about the new round of repression, even as the post coup government renews attempt to be accepted into the Organisation of American States in spite of failing to accept the condition of accepting the norms of human rights.

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Behind the teachers' strike in Honduras

9 Mb. 128 kbps mono 9 minutes 34 seconds.

Toni Solo speaks with community radio 2NimFM and Latin Radical about the reasons for the teachers strike and mobilisation this week in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, after the Special Forces Cobra squad entered the University, firing over 60 tear gas canisters. Teachers are calling on the resignation of the Rector of the University, and there is a possibility that this week's mobilisation by the teachers could lead to a general strike.

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Can Mel Zelaya return to his Honduras? - where the FNRP stands now.

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Toni Solo analyses what is happening within the FNRP (The Honduras Resistance Front), and drive to allow exiled ex-President Zelaya back inside the country  - move that the coup regime has strongly resisted.

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