Honduras Coup - update from "Tortilla con Sal" - on the spot


2.6Mb mono 11:25 mins

Toni Sola, of "Tortilla con Sal" gives us an update on the situation in Honduras. The people are maintaining an unremitting resistance to the coup, and there is an emerging understanding thtat the resistance is less about the personality of 'Mel Zelaya' (the deposed and exiled President), than the will of the people of Honduras, who are just sick and tired of the selfish, egocentric oligarchic elite who resented someone who was willing to raise the minimum wage above subsistence levels and divert a bit of tax money to education and health programs. Meanwhile the US State Department ducks and weaves when they could stop the neo-fascists in their tracks. But that's RealPolitik, no?

Original audio source (tortillaconsal_05_Aug_2009.mp3)


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