Honduras coup update - July 28

Toni Sola of Tortilla con Sal is actively supporting the thousands of Hondurans who are sneaking past the military blockade (and an 18 hour curfew) to support their elected President, 'Mel' Zelaya, who is challenging the de-facto government to let him re-enter his country. Hundreds of thousands of Honduran people have maintained a rage against the coup. The level of popular support for the illegally 'exiled' President has taken all by surprise, including the international community, and the people of Nicaragua. Suddenly over four thousand supporters for Zelaya have poured over the border. With the psychologically unsound levels of military repression occurring within Honduras, they have become not only 'protestors' but also refugees. A moot point over how they will be defined in the mainstream media. (apologies for the poor sound quality of the interview taken under difficult conditions).

Original audio source (ToniTortilla28Jul09.mp3)


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