Central America corruption - Guatemalan scandal

While the maggots of curruption crawl out of the carcase of the neo-fascist Arena party in El Salvador, in neighbouring Guatemala a leading lawyer has busted the President, his wife, and top officials in the biggest bank in Guatemala with a death message - A leading Guatemalan journalist made a video of a statement by a lawyer whose clients were killed in April for their ability to directly implicate the President and his wife in money laundering, involving the biggest bank in Guatemala.

The journalist made the video last Thursday "... If you are watching this, it is because I have been murdered... " he was murdered on Sunday.

There are strong links between drug trafficking and neo-liberal, and neo fascist governments. Governments don't actually do 'hands on' drug trafficking, but they are essential to the money laundering required to pay the lip service to the US Drug Enforcement Agency. There are proven links between the drug traffickers, money laundering, and high officials in the Salvadoran ARENA government that is now on the defensive after last month's presidential election victory agains them.

This news is only breaking locally, but watch this space for further revelations that are emerging in the local press, that has only recently found to the courage to publish stories of police and high level governmental corruption.



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