Salvadoran Journalists - English voiceover

Journalism - Salvadoran style

Tough biddies (still sparking strong) and young enthusiasts are out there doing tough journalism in a tough country. There's gonzo, and there is survivalist in the world of journalism. There are broadsheets and pamphlets in El Salvador, but we are talking to journalists the more mature ones who have survived journalism in a civil war, and others, from the younger generation who see the point.

El Diario Co-Latino is the end product of a newspaper that has been bombed, bankrupted, set on fire, and generally persecuted. It has also been the training ground for young journalists who are not prepared to sell out to financial interests; graduates from the National University of El Salvador, who refuse to recognise neo-liberal ideology.

This is an important role for El Diario Co-Latino. There are over 50 'private' universities in San Salvador most of them springing up in the last twenty years of ARENA government. On their boards and councils, sit former military officers. - a retirement break for US accredited generals and colonels who have been afforded 'impunity' for their role in gross human rights violations.

It remains to be seen if the new government can reconstruct the neoliberal 'plantation', or whether the Universities can still continue to generate a critical, committed, and honest journalism. This is one of the constant topics of debate in the ranks of the FMLN, as everyone waits to see what will result from the new government after June 1.



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