¿Fin al Impunidad? - The end of Impunity? - el Salvador (Spanish)

(Spanish Language - en Espanol)

(note: the picture is of a political bill board. The ARENA government has a billboard that says ¨Vote wisely¨ Although the FMLN has limited resources compared to ARENA they spend it with surgical precision. The billboard above, on one side says ¨Vote wisely¨and on the other side ¨would you vote for an ex-cop? The ARENA Presidential candidate is the former head of the National Police, and Director of Intelligence)

Interview with companero Martin of the CSTS (Union Confederation of Salvadoran Workers, or Confederation Syndical de Trabajadores Salvadorenos). The CSTS is one of the biggest Union confederations with 23 Unions as members. Martin talks about the policyof the FMLN on the Amnesty Law that was part of the 1992 Peace accord, granting amnesty for those who committed atrocities during the civil war. The FMLN believes that the ARENA government has reneged on its side of the agreement, with political assasinations on the rise, and plans to change the Amnesty law if they come to power in the elections this weekend (March

Martin es un dirigernt del CSTS, uno de los syndicatos mas grandes de El Salvador. El habla sobre la politica del FMLN a proposito de la ley de Amnistia, que regala impunidad a los que siguen cometiendo violaciones de derechos humanos y civiles.



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