El Salvador - Critical Election Update - Amanda Peters, CISPES observer.

Amanda Peters, CISPES observer of the El Salvadoran elections brings us an update on the latest developments. Two of the presidential candidates have been persuaded to drop out, after a bit of arm twisting by the ARENA party, in the hope that it will combine the vote against the FMLN (looking like an outright winner, according to the polls). The tactic seems to have backfired with the minority (dropout) parties committing votes to the FMLN, resenting the standover tactics of ARENA.

Still there are fears of ARENA pulling more dirty tactics out of the hat. The Electoral Tribunal seems to be set on ignoring the vote stacking and buying, the importation of fake voters, and an unwillingness to address the issue of outdated electoral rolls. The March 15 elections are volatile, and reports will follow.



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